Beginning at the end

The Materialist Psychogeographic Affiliation is over, it was only really useful to place ourselves away from the indulgent and un-productive psychogeographies of occultism, or ‘Magico-Marxism’, but I am starting where we left off, and with this in mind, I’m going to post the key points of Mark Rainey’s concise manifesto for the MPA first:

“The Materialist Psychogeographic Affiliation is an open call to engage with the problematics of public life in the twenty-first century.

1. Psychogeography must be a platform for social critique;

2. Psychogeography must inspire a new creative production.

The extent to which psychogeography strays from these two points is the extent to which it loses its relevance. Although brief, these two points provide the ground from which psychogeography can expand.”

Mark’s points are still relevant, unpretentious and practical, but for my part, having returned to a particular geographical area for the foreseeable future, it is useful to form a new group which can work there. Please contact us to affiliate, engage with our walks, or contribute material.


The first MPA newsletter is still present on the Pocket Essentials website, as part of a page about Merlin Coverley’s guide to Psychogeography:

I let the original MPA page drop, but we are present in the links of the Wikipedia entry for the subject. Here are the first two newsletters, issue one and issue two.

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